Heart 2 Feed – Being the difference

The Hearts “2” Feed project is Otres Restaurant’s way to give back to the community through what it knows best which is FOOD. A monthly food drive that was introduced in January 2015. Each month the restaurant delivers food to the homeless, orphans and less privileged communities.
The final project for the year was held in Ajegunle on the 26th of December 2015, where over 6,000 children were hosted. The children had so much fun, enough to eat and drink as a few of them won various gift items during the question and answer segment and dancing competitions. One of the parent Mrs Ayadi, we came with 5 children appreciated the initiative stating that they didn’t only have enough to eat for the day but also for a week.
According to Orode Okpu, the idea is to improve the childrens’ health and nutrition by providing them with good food as we believe that by doing this we’re tackling a major problem in the world today which is HUNGER. “We are Otres Group love food and we thought the best way to give back not just in December but through out the year is in what we do best, food. This project began from My foundation years ago but I’m grateful in how it has evolved and has been taken over by the restaurant brand. It was a fantastic way to bring my colleagues in the food business together for a great cause, I am deeply honored by the support our December food drive got, Thank you”.

heart2feedThe heart2feed also resonates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 to end hunger and it is believed that this would grow beyond giving the children food during Christmas but tackle the malnutrition and hunger.

The programme was proudly supported by over 20 restaurants and food vendors:
Petit Paris Cafe, SALT Lagos, Cupcake Couture, Pot-a- Soup catering, KidzCuizine’ Grills in and Out Restaurant, La Munch finger foods, Ginger Tapas and grill restaurant,Cookie Jar Bakery, Honey’s cupcake, GreenGrill House, Chef Fregz, Smoothie Express, Beyond Tastee- Catering, Freesla Food Services, Zurielles pot, Phummyndeps catering, Sekkies Salads and sandwiches, Fluxbridge food services. The program was also sponsored and supported Afrolems Food blog,Pink Pearl Foundation, Grubs Magazine, My Passion My Life Photographer, SME100Nigeria, Eth Global Media, Hangout Nigeria, Women supporting Women Nigeria, On point Sales Nigeria and Yaji Box Nigeria.