Hello Guys,

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend :) I am still recovering from the weekend events. I barely had time to rest but hey I can do that this week. We will need to catch up on all the interesting things from the weekend but first are you following @livinginlekki on instagram? if not please follow for real time update on everything in Lekki.

Today on Food Monday, We went scouting for something different and we had to go a little deep for Nigerian Local food. Unknowing to me until today that I actually had a restaurant close by that was serving delta food (I only know bang). Anyways I took a ride this evening and said we got to try something different then i remembered that Otres was launching a new menu today that is how i carried myself there. On getting there, The said new menu was not ready so I tried out something else on the old menu. The post is about my food discovery today but more pictures and less text.

Twist 1

Twist 2twist 3twist 4

Twist 5twist 7Twist 8 main

twist 10 subtwist 11

What I had & Where 

Yam Pottage with turkey

Otres restaurant Lekki phase 1