The cuisine and the ambience:

It’s one thing to get a good meal that satisfies your taste buds and it is another to know where to find good food mixed with an ambiance that is super relaxed with the right atmosphere and the good news is, Otres Restaurant comes with the total package.

At Otres we believe that, it is not just about the meal but the distinctive features we offer, First comes the love for food and then the unique style and special attractiveness in all our engagements surfaces. Yes! Our meals will immediately appeal to your taste buds, looking at it will make you salivate on the spot and our services are standard and quality.

Our Cuisine

This blends the culinary traditions of numerous nations to create innovative and interesting dishes with our traditional foods. The root of our cooking style combines the great passion for genuine flavours of fresh grown herbs and spices, healthy home style cooking and gourmet comfort food, as we like to put it.  

Unlike other cuisine that has been diluted with imitations of different ingredients and processing steps, this style of cooking is food prepared traditionally, that it may retain the nostalgic or sentimental appeal and simply provide and easy-to-eat, easy-to-digest meal, that is rich in nutrient. Our meals are flavourful and easily eaten, having soft consistencies.