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The main day is almost here with 3 days to go and for those in Nigeria (Halleluyah) Elections almost ruined valentines for most (LOOOL Inside joke). We are excited that part got moved well we will come back to it later.

Back to why we are here today…. A lot of whispers and ideas running around now plenty last minute plans where to go, what to get, what to do this valentine’s. Well for those looking to plan their valentine’s weekend in Lekki I pretty much have answered almost all the questions for you and the final one is today. Where to go for dinner this valentines… emmmm as you know I will be telling you about some great romantic dinner spots for valentines for you and yours this weekend.

I almost went all out but I am really happy about today’s post love a lot of things about it and you will soon discover as we start with Lil’s Top restaurants or places for valentine’s dinner.

Primi Piatti

Primi Piatti 1

I always recommend prime piatti to people mostly couples looking for great fine dining. Yes I said it fine dining. Primi piatti is an Italian restaurant by the waterfront in Lekki (Hidden though). The secret to discovering places like this is to waka about a lot and that is why it is no1 on the restaurants for valentine’s dinner in Lekki. The idea is to have great Italian cooked dinner by a 5 star rated chef (Find him here) and enjoy the view, amazing wine candles and everything. To be honest nobody will disturb you guys at this place (Reservations).

Primi Piatti

Exquisite Restaurant

Exquisite restaurant

For those who are new to Lekki or don’t know Lekki very well this restaurant will be hidden to you. It is located on Fola osibo and even though you might have seen the building you might be wondering what it really looks like. Well exquisite restaurant is your reserved restaurant with a unique setting for dinning out. I spotted the cosy room called the turquoise room which i find very romantic and would be perfect for your valentine’s dinner 3 couples or 2 just in a room like a British tea room (Yepp :)) very intimate with the theme so simple candles and fine wine to accompany your dinner (Yes they serve continental dishes).

Exqusitie 2


Otres restaurant

Otres 3

Some might say *ehn is it not that place with expensive Nigerian food? Well it is fine dining the African way… When you stare at those pictures on Instagram you will say hanhan is it more than Nigerian food they are selling? Well I think they are selling you the package, I love the ambiance and setting of Otres restaurant very different, like they take their time with everything. I remember last year valentine’s I was so praying they will open but they were still setting up. If you are looking for a great escape with good African food for valentine’s dinner and even pammy (Traditional style), this is a good place for valentine’s dinner

Dinner on the boat

Dinner on boat 1

Without having to say the full story you can already imagine this. I don’t think it is every day you see this in Lagos except your bae* owns a boat in Lagos. When I spotted this I was like this will be really super cool for valentine’s dinner even though they do weekly trips on the weekend it will still be amazing for valentines. Imagine being on the sea and you know Lekki looks really nice at night, Having fancy dinner fresh air, wind blowing zoning out and being far away from everyone, eating and drinking. It is one of those mini trips you will probably never forget.

Dinner on boat 2Dinner on boat 3


View from the boat

Oh I forgot to mention that 2 of the restaurants have pianos that your lover could switch up the night and take it up to do karaoke for you. Hmmm it is not too cheesy but just for valentines.

Dinner vals

As I was saying now that there is no election again no excuses make valentine’s count.

Lads/Ladies have you started making those reservations? Let me know where you will be going for valentine’s dinner in Lekki (Drop your comments below)

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